[ENG SUB] Dr. Ian Episode 1 W/ Sandara Park and Kim Young Kwang

Episode 1 – Download Link – Drop Box

Episode 1 – Download Link – Mega

Episode 1 – Download Link – Google Drive

Episode 1 – Raw VideoEnglish Subtitle – Mega

Both translated and sub by me. Do pardon me as I am a totally newbie in using subbing tool😀

Do share and please leave a feedback so I can improve😀

43 thoughts on “[ENG SUB] Dr. Ian Episode 1 W/ Sandara Park and Kim Young Kwang

  1. thank you so much! i hope you will sub all the episodes and thank you for making it a download link and not on YT.

    guys, let’s watch the subbed episode so we can understand but still watch it on Naver to increase the views!

    thank you!!!❤


  2. hi lydia! I downloaded ep 1 using mega but the subs are chinese & I cant seem to find an option to change it to english. help pls.


  3. Guys if you cant open the video with subs, just download VLC player. when u open the video it automatically reads the subtitles. That’s what i did😀


  4. Lydia I’ll help you do subs😀 Haha I just want all episodes to be subbed. I know how to sub just not how to translate :)))


  5. Thank you so much for translating this !!
    I just watched episode 1 but there was no subs at 4min21~ and 6min16~
    Could you also translate that ?
    Thanks again for you hard work !


  6. Hi,,how can I download it using my android phone..I cant download it using the link you’ve given.can u pls help me..i really want to watch it in eng sub


  7. wahh I actually felt nervous with ur new post.. I think they’re making a big fuss about watching the drama in naver so no one’s subbing but u. I support dara so I really watch it in naver several times but I don’t understand everything so I still want subs. I hope u won’t stop subbing coz of this😦


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