Since me and my friend here translate and time this webdrama because there is no one working on it and we would like to the BlackJack to enjoy it as much as we enjoy it.

Even it is just a couple of minutes that doesn’t mean that you can download our file and modified and encode it to the video as if you own it. Now that I know why sometimes people make a fuss over a credit(This actually make me feel worse and upset! Damn it!!)

Please, do not edit the SRT file, do not modify the subtitle and take everything out with full credits or else we might hunt you down (joking)

Thank you and enjoy!

Make sure you guys watch it at Naver after you’ve watch it with the sub to support Dara!!!!

10 thoughts on “Credit

  1. Can I share it on my country forum?
    I’ll put credit to you ^^

    And will it be alright if I only modify the SRT title? I want to add the episode title in English (like on naver cast)


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