[ENG SUB] Dr. Ian Episode 9

Raw and subtitle file below :

Episode 9 – Download Link – Mega
Episode 9 – Download Link – Google Drive

Episode 9 – Raw VideoEnglish Subtitle – Mega

Timed by Ivy Ordas @ Facebook Page

Both translated and sub by me. Do pardon me as I am a totally newbie in using subbing tool 😀

Do share and please leave a feedback so I can improve 😀


9 thoughts on “[ENG SUB] Dr. Ian Episode 9

  1. Thanks for subbing Dr. Ian Episode 9 in English!
    I was able to watch and understand this drama because of you!

    Look forward to your future subbing projects!
    You do an amazing job!
    Thanks for you time and effort into sharing and making this possible!


  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for having subbed all the Dr. Ian episodes and all the hard work you put into it!! Many thanks, and I hope you continue to sub more projects, including Dara’s new web drama that will be coming out. Again thank you for all the great work, it means a lot 🙂


  3. thank you for subbing this.if not for you i will never understand what they are they talking about. btw its nice to see Dara acting again. she looks flawless. *fangirling* ekeke~~
    thanks again for your hardwork. v(^_^)v


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