[Announcement] Mahouka Koukou no Rettosei

Hello there, I am very thankful that most of you was reading from me. I promise I would update as soon as the latest chapter is out. I am very sorry for the wait.

As for the way to download it is actually quiet easy.
Step 1 – Click the link of the Vol you would like to download
Step 2 – Wait for a few sec and there would appear a SKIP button on the upper right side
Step 3 – Click on the SKIP button and it would bring you to the download page on MEGA.nz

Lydia Im


20 thoughts on “[Announcement] Mahouka Koukou no Rettosei

    • She likely means whenever the actual translator translates it and she uploads it to her website. Since everything uploaded here was translated by MKnRec. And they are the ones currently translating Vol 18.


      • Or rather, 15-17 were translated by OniisamaTL (led by MKnRec) and 1-14 were done by BakaTsuki. And then, finally uploaded here without credit.


  1. How does one who can’t even speak english translate a Japanese LN to english? Do you even speak Japanese? Not to be the grammar nazi but you need to at least be able to speak English competently even begin translating other languages into english


    • This person isn’t the translator,you should know that by now.But yes according to current status UpTo voume 19 will be translated but after that even the translators & editors don’t know.


  2. lol can’t wait for the second part. Good thing I found this website while trying and crying inside my mind that there won’t be any mahouka updates lol. Well We would wait until the time that volume is out! Thanks!


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