Basics ;

NameLydia Im Rae Im
Fav. ColorsWhite
Fav. AnimalsI love dolphin
Facts of Mine by My Brother

She  is someone who are not too big in size or not too small. She is someone with smile over her face all day long.
She is magically easy to approach. And she doesn’t take things seriously because she knew that those things will begone someday later.
She is also a person with love but never really try to love someone until she is ready to get hurt and get stomped.
I’ve hurt her once, I regret it a lot since she doesn’t even complain and keep on with her strong side.
She is someone with a huge wall in her heart. Only a few person ever successfully entered her world. I never really did enter her world. If to tell where I am in her world, I might say at the entrance.
The funniest part is, she can even talk to the stranger like she’d known them for a long time (She always does it)
She often make fun of herself but that is to entertain and make sure all her friends feel happy being around her.
She is the one who her friends search for when they are in trouble. She seems strong from the outside, but in the inside she also wanted other to cherish her as who she is.
Do you mind be friends with her? A girl with nothing but just a smile that could lighten your day?
If you do, do remember to follow us and you can email to her and have a little chat with her.

Written by,
Park Hee Jun


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  1. Thank you for Mahouka! I didn’t think I’d be able to find vol 15-17 anywhere after baka-tsuki dropped translations after the novel got licensed.


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